Link To ZX80 Pages
  • Describes the mechanism that allows flicker-free programs on the ZX80.
  • Documents the flicker-free games 3K Space Invaders (Macronics), Breakout (Macronics), Super Invasion (Beam Software) and Double Breakout (Beam Software), including full commented disassemblies.
  • Presents brand new flicker-free versions of Pacman and Donkey Kong, available to download.
  • Documents reconstructed flicker-free games QS Defenda (Quicksilva) and 1K Space Invaders (Macronics), including full commented disassemblies.
  • Documents the 8K BASIC ROM upgrade.
Link To ZX81 Pages
  • Presents brand new software for download (Pacman, Kong, Against The Elements, Celebration).
  • Presents commented disassemblies of commercial programs (Mazogs).
  • Describes the Chroma interface which provides:
    - A bright, clear RGB SCART connection, with LOAD/SAVE sounds output through the television speaker(s).
    - 32K RAM (16K RAM pack + additional 8K/16K RAM).
    - Colour display modes (attribute mode for new programs, colour mapping mode for existing games).
    - Graphic modes (QS Character Board emulation, WRX graphics support, 4K Graphics ROM support).
    - Cursor joystick socket, supporting auto-fire joysticks.
    - ROM cartridge socket, allowing the use of custom ROMs or support for multi-program compilations.
    - RS232 socket.
Link To ZX Spectrum Pages
  • Describes the SPECTRA interface which provides:
    - A bright, clear RGB SCART connection, with sound output through the television speaker(s).
    - Enhanced display modes supporting up to 64 colours and increased vertical / horizontal colour resolution.
    - Double screen mechanism, allowing flicker-free animation across all display modes.
    - Kempston joystick socket, supporting auto-fire joysticks.
    - ZX Interface 1 compatible RS232 socket.
    - ZX Interface 2 compatible ROM cartridge socket, with support for shadow ROM paging.
    - Reset button.
Link To ZX Interface 2 Pages
  • Documents the Sinclair ZX Interface 2 for use with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
  • Documents the available ROM cartridges along with details about unreleased prototype cartridges.
  • Provides details on building new cartridges, with capacities 8K-256K and programmable directly from the Spectrum, and a utility to convert cassette software into ROM cartridges.
  • Provides a range of diagnostic ROM cartridge programs to help fault find Spectrum systems.
  • Provides new ROM cartridge programs to download, including ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter Ace and Spectrum 128, Spanish Spectrum 128 and Microdrive emulators.
Link To ZX Spectrum 128 Pages
  • Describes how to build an RGB SCART cable for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128, +2, +3 and QL, providing full design calculations.
  • Documents the optional keypad and describes how to build a compatible keypad.
  • Documents the promotional literature released about the Spectrum 128.
  • Contains commented disassemblies for all ROMs of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128, +2, +3 and Spanish 128.
  • Provides an example of how to extend 128 BASIC with new commands.
  • Describes the SPECTRA+128 SCART interface, providing additional colours and display modes.