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Cartridge Front: ZX Spectrum, TRANZ AM Cartridge Back: ©1983 Ashby computers and Graphics Ltd, PAT. APP.
  • Reference: G29/R
  • Publisher: Ultimate
  • Price: £14.95
  • Order Code: 5308

There are a couple of errors with the packaging. The name of the game is spelt with a 'z' on the box and front of the ROM cartridge compared to the title within the game itself (and the inlay of the corresponding cassette version) which spells it with an 's'. The box and rear of the ROM cartridge state the publication year as 1982, yet the game (and the corresponding cassette version) state 1983.

Permission to distribute the Tranz Am ROM cartridge has been denied by Ultimate (now Rare).

This cartridge is not compatible with the Spectrum 128. When played using the keyboard option, the Spectrum 128's second display file (screen 1) gets invoked.

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Tranz Am - Title Screen Tranz Am - Game Screen
Tranz Am - Title ScreenTranz Am - Game Screen