This cartridge works on the following PCBs and with the following models of Spectrum:

PROM Size: 16K
To use this ROM with the ZXC3 PCB requires the use of an EPROM programmer. The bank paging mechanism of the ZXC2, ZXC3 or ZXC4 PCB must be disabled, and this can either be done via hardware (on the ZXC2 or ZXC3) or by embedding the ROM image within a ZX ROM Cartridge Creator compilation and configuring the paging settings appropriately.


This 3rd party 16K ROM cartridge produced by Geoff Wearmouth is an adaptation of the Spectrum BASIC ROM and corrects most of the bugs, adds a keyword tokeniser, and uses the spare space at the end of the standard ROM to provide three new commands: Renumber, Block Delete and Stream Lister commands. The new commands are available only when typed at the command line, and not when embedded within a program.

Command summary:

REM streamsDisplays a list of all streams.
REM delete a bDeletes a block of BASIC lines, from line a to line b.
REM renumber a b c dRenumbers a block of BASIC lines, from line c to line d with initial line number of a and step increment of b.

It is possible to switch between standard single key keyword entry mode and typed keyword entry mode by issuing a STOP command from the command line.

Gosh Wonderful BASIC ROM Cartridge Help Screenshot Gosh Wonderful BASIC ROM Cartridge Streams Command Screenshot

Full details about the bug fixes, the extensions to BASIC, along with the ROM for download are available from Geoff Wearmouth's website.