This cartridge works on the following PCBs and with the following models of Spectrum:

Latest Version: 3.1.2
PROM Size: 16K


This 3rd party 16K ROM cartridge produced by Andrew Owen is an adaptation of the Spectrum BASIC ROM and corrects all of the bugs, adds a keyword tokeniser, and uses the spare space at the end of the standard ROM to provide a range of new commands and functions. The new commands are DELETE, COPY, DIR, EDIT, ERASE, FORMAT, MOVE, ON ERROR, PALETTE, RENUM and SOUND, and the new functions are &, \ and ~. Note that the commands ERASE, FORMAT and PALETTE requires additional hardware, as does the SOUND command unless used on a 128K Spectrum. The ROM is also able to support an 8-bit character set, and line numbers up to 16383.

There are two versions of this ROM available. The main version requires that the bank paging mechanism of the ZXC2, ZXC3 or ZXC4 PCB must be disabled, and this can either be done via hardware or by embedding the ROM image within a Cartridge Creator compilation and adjusting the entry settings appropriately. An alternate version has been produced for use with the ZXC3, which includes modifications to allow it to be programmed via the Flash Programmer utility.

Command summary:

COPY nCalls a machine code routine without returning a value in the BC register pair.
DELETE f,lDeletes a block of program lines, from line f to line l inclusive.
DIR bToggles 8-bit character set support on and off, where b is 7 or 8.
EDIT lDisplays line l and activates the line editor.
ERASEResets the default ULAplus palette.
FORMAT nSets the permanent screen attribute colours.
MOVE s, d, lEnables access to the Z80’s LDIR (block copy) instruction to copy l bytes from address s to address d.
ON ERROR GOTO nWhen a BASIC error occurs, the program jumps to line n.
ON ERROR CONTINUEWhen a BASIC error occurs, the program continues from the next line.
ON ERROR STOPWhen a BASIC error occurs, the program stops and displays the error message.
PALETTE a, bSets the screen colours in computers fitted with a ULAplus display chip.
RENUM l, sRenumbers a block of BASIC lines, with initial line number of l and step increment of s.
SOUND a1, b1; a2, b2...Produces sound effects and three channel tones in computers fitted with an AY-3-8912 sound chip.

Function summary:

&Used to enter 16-bit hexadecimal positive integers.
\Used to enter 16-bit octal positive integers.
~Used to convert 16-bit decimal positive integers to a hexadecimal string.

SE BASIC ROM Cartridge Splash Screenshot

Full details about the bug fixes, the extensions to BASIC, along with the ROM for download are available from the SE BASIC website.