The contents of a ROM cartridge can be read using a standard EPROM programmer, but a simple converter is required to remap the pinout of the cartridge to a standard DLL layout. The photograph below shows such a converter.

EPROM Programmer ROM Cartridge Converter

The pinout of the ROM cartridge closely matches that of a standard 27C128 16K x 8 EPROM, and so an EPROM programmer can be set to use such a device when reading the contents of a ROM cartridge. The pinout of the ROM cartridge slot of the ZX Interface 2 and the wiring of the adapter required to read the contents of ROM cartridges are shown below. Note that the Vpp and /PGM signals provided by the EPROM programmer should not be connected through to the ROM cartridge.

TOP VIEW ROM Cartridge Pinout ROM Cartridge Adapter Wiring