Emulator Support

The SPECTRA interface is supported by the following emulators:

zxsp by GŁnter Woigk (For Mac OS X)
X128 (Version 0.95B Alpha) by James McKay (For DOS, Windows)
ZEsarUX by Cesar Hernandez (For Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
EightyOne by Michael D Wynne (For Windows)

The additional SPECTRA display modes fetch more data from video memory than the Spectrum ULA for the standard display it produces, and so a slightly different timing sequence is used. The timing details of this sequence may be of use to emulator authors wishing to add support for the SPECTRA display modes. The sequence applies to all display modes and so two attribute bytes per cell are always fetched irrespective of whether the current display mode only requires one. An OUT to change display modes takes effect immediately, causing any bytes already read in to be interpreted in the new mode's format.

Click here to download a diagram showing the video memory fetch timing sequence used by the SPECTRA interface.