Chris Walsh wrote the first independent program to control the new attribute modes of the SPECTRA interface. His Snake demo displays a number of snakes moving about the screen, changing direction as they collide. A range of attribute modes are supported, with the finest resolution being the 4x2 DB mode. This results in snakes of only 2 pixels wide and yet with no attribute colour clash. Screenshots from the program are shown below:

Snake menu (Enhanced colours)   Snake 2x2 8 colours   Snake 4x4 64 colours

The demo can also be run on a standard Spectrum, although only using the standard colours and colour resolution:

Snake menu (Standard colours)   Snake 8x8 8 colours

The program supports a range of configuration options for adjusting how the snakes move, which can result in some very hypnotic movement patterns.

Click here to download Snake [V0.16] in TAP cassette file format.