Software - Native Colour Programs

Attribute Mode Test Program

This program displays a test pattern on the screen that shows every combination of ink and paper colours that are available using attribute colour mode. It also cycles the border through every colour available. The program requires 16K RAM (configuration switch 1) and the colour facilities (configuration switch 6) to be set to on.

A screenshot of the program can be seen below.

The program may be of use to emulator writers to verify their implementation of attribute colour mode. The row between the main display area and the copyright notice consists of a single newline character, i.e. a collapsed display file row, and so it becomes filled with the border colour. The shape of the attributes file must match the shape of the display file and so it too contains a collapsed row.


The program is available for download in .P and .P81 formats.

Click here to download the Attribute Colour Mode Test program [V1.00].