Software - Colourised Programs


This page presents a colour file to colourise the game Pacman for the ZX81 using Chroma's character code colour mode. A version of Pacman also exists for the ZX80 and can be played using the ZX80 Emulator ROM Cartridge. It too can be colourised and an specific colour file has been created for this purpose. The colour file will also work with the Chroma 80 interface for the ZX80.

The photo below shows the standard monochrome SCART picture obtained from the Chroma 81 interface. Hover over the photo to see the effect of the Chroma colourisation mechanism. Click the buttons to the left to select a different photo to view. All photos are of the display produced on a Toshiba LCD TV (model 19DV651DB).

SCART (Monochrome)


Click here to download ZX81 Pacman.
Click here to download the ZX81 Pacman colour file.
Click here to download ZX80 Pacman.
Click here to download the ZX80 Pacman colour file.