Software - ROM Cartridges

This page presents a number of ROM cartridge files suitable for use with the ROM cartridge socket of the Chroma 81 interface. Click the images or icons to download the programs. Unless specified otherwise, configuration switch 1 should be on, switches 2, 3, 4 and 6 should be off, and the state of switch 5 is not important.

ZX80 Emulator ROM Cartridge
ZX80 ROM: Sinclair Research (1980)
Emulation: Paul Farrow (2014)
ZX81 RS232 ROM Cartridge
ZX81 ROM: Sinclair Research (1981)
RS232 Routines: Paul Farrow (2014)
Configuration switch 5 must be set to on.
Character Set ROM Cartridges
ZX81 ROM: Sinclair Research (1981)
Graphics ROM: dk'tronics (1981)
Graphics ROM: Kayde Electronics Systems (1981)
Emulation: Paul Farrow (2014)

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