This cartridge works on the following PCBs and with the following models of Spectrum:

PROM Size: 8K
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This 3rd party 8K ROM cartridge is a game for use with the Spectrum 16K, 48K, +, 128 and the grey Spectrum +2. It was ported to the Spectrum and then into an Interface 2 ROM cartridge using the z88dk Z80 C cross compiler by Henk Poley, Stefano Bodrato and Dominic Morris (based on a Z88 version created by Dominic Morris, itself based on a TI86 game written by Andrew Von Dollen, which was based on a HP game by Joe W).

Death Star ROM Cartridge Splash Screenshot Death Star ROM Cartridge Game Screenshot

The aim of the game is to collect all the clear bubbles by running over them. You control either the dark bubble or the solid box. The dark bubble is used to collect the clear bubbles, and the solid box is used as a sort of movable wall. Both objects carry on moving until they hit something else (except for the dark bubble in the case of clear bubbles).

The keys are:

See this page on the z88dk website for further details about the game.


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