ROM cartridge available:
ROM cartridge released: 13th November 2004


The ZXC1 combines the techniques employed in the standard, switched bank paging and timed bank paging ROM cartridge configurations. It supports 8K (27C64), 16K (27C128), 32K (27C256) and 64K (27C512) EPROMs, and provides space to mount three LEDs to indicate the state of each of the paging circuits. The PCB is shown below.

ZXC1 ROM Cartridge PCB (Gold Edge Connector) - Front ZXC1 ROM Cartridge PCB (Gold Edge Connector) - Back

The switched bank paging configuration allows up to 2 switches to select any one of 4 banks of 16K. The timed bank paging configuration allows up to 4 banks of 16K to be cycled through in sequence, thereby allowing 48K games to be stored within the cartridge.

Full details on the supported configurations can be found in the following document:

Click here to download details about the ZXC1 ROM cartridge PCB.

Two batches of the PCB were produced, the first had a silver coloured edge connector whereas the second had a gold edge connector for improved electrical contact. The electrical circuit remained identical.

ZXC1 ROM Cartridge PCB (Silver Edge Connector) - Front ZXC1 ROM Cartridge PCB (Silver Edge Connector) - Back

I've also produced a number of new ROM cartridge programs that work with the ZXC1, and also the Windows based ZX ROM Cartridge Creator utility that allows cassette games in PC emulator snapshot files (.Z80, .SNA and .SZX) to be converted into ROM cartridges. These binary files can be programmed directly into EPROMs using an EPROM programmer.

The edge connector of the ZXC1 may tarnish over time. For the gold plated version, the tarnishing can be minimised by occasional application of a small amount of electrical lubricant or polish. For the silver colour version, use an electrical cleaning solvent to remove any oxidation.

The ZXC1 is no longer available, but if you are interested in obtaining a ZXC4 ready assembled cartridge then please contact me for details.

SPECTRA Compatibility

The ZXC1 is fully compatible with the ROM cartridge socket of the SPECTRA SCART interface.