This cartridge works on the following PCBs and with the following models of Spectrum:

Latest Version: 1.31
PROM Size: 16K


This 3rd party 16K ROM cartridge produced by Phil Ruston performs a variety of tests to assist in the diagnosis of Spectrum faults.

The ROM performs the following sequence of tests:

If the lower 16K RAM test fails then an attempt is made to display a message showing the bits is error, along with a sequence of 8 beeps (from bit 7 to bit 0) to indicate which bits are good (high tone) and which bad (low tone). The bit status is also displayed afterwards by stripes in the border, the top most stripe representing bit 7 (green if the bit is good, red if the bit is bad). Next the upper 32K RAM is tested and any faults found are displayed on screen and the state of the data bits beeped out. A menu is then displayed to allow selection of other tests to perform.

Spectrum Test ROM Title Screen Screenshot Spectrum Test ROM Menu Screenshot Spectrum Test ROM Floating Bus Test Screenshot

Full details about the tests performed, along with the ROM for download are available from the Retroleum website.