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SCART Socket
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Monitor Socket

The monitor socket of the Spectrum 128 is a female 8 pin DIN (type 45326) and the signals available are:

Spectrum 128 Monitor Socket Pinout
Pin Signal Level
1Composite Video 75 ohm, 1.2V pk-pk
20 Volts DC 0V
3Bright Output TTL
4Composite Sync TTL
5Vertical Sync TTL
6Green TTL
7Red TTL
8Blue TTL

The ULA in the Spectrum 128 outputs TTL level red, green, blue and sync signals and from these a TEA2000 Encoder video chip produces a composite video signal. The TTL level signals are taken to the monitor socket via 68 ohm resistors and the composite video signal is taken to the monitor socket via a 75 ohm resistor, as shown in the diagram below.

Spectrum 128 Video Circuitry

The Spanish version of the Spectrum 128 has identical circuitry but a different monitor socket pin out, which can be viewed here.