SPECTRA Test Utility

The SPECTRA Test Utility was created during development of the interface to allow the majority of its features to be tested and analysed. As software support increases for the SPECTRA display modes, the usefulness of most of these test facilities declines. However, some tests, such as those for the RS232 socket, may still prove of use and so the test utility continues to be made available.

A selection of screenshots from the SPECTRA Test Utility are shown below:

Test Utility menu   Test Utility Border Test   Test Utility Basic colours
Test Utility 64 Colour Palette   Test Utility Colour Combinations   Test Utility Extra colours
Test Utility Extra Colours   Test Utility Basic Colours Higher Resolution   Test Utility Extra colours Resolution
Test Utility Basic Colours Resolution   Test Utility Extra Colours Half Cell   Test Utility Extra colours Range
Test Utility Joystick Screen   Test Utility RS232 Transmit Screen   Test Utility RS232 Receive Screen

The SPECTRA Test Utility is available in both ROM cartridge form and in cassette file format. The ROM version can run on a 16K Spectrum, but the cassette version requires 48K of RAM.

Click here to download the SPECTRA Test Utility (ROM Cartridge version) [V1.05]. 16K ROM
Click here to download the SPECTRA Test Utility [V1.05] in TZX cassette file format.

A video of the utility running on the ZEsarUx emulator has been created by Cesar Hernandez on YouTube.