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Software And Peripherals Leaflet

The ZX Spectrum 128 Software and Peripherals leaflet consists of a single A1 sheet. It is folded into eight A4 pages yielding 16 sides of printed information. The leaflet lists 76 software titles and 22 hardware peripherals recommended by Sinclair Research Ltd for the ZX Spectrum 128. Among the hardware devices described is Sinclair's own keypad for the Spectrum 128.

Click on the 'pages' below to view them in higher detail.

Bored of the Rings, Silversoft Ltd, £9.95 Spellbound, Mastertronic Ltd (UK), £2.99 Spitfire '40, Mirrorsoft, £9.95 THE GOONIES, US Gold, £7.95 Psychedelic Warp, Silversoft Ltd, £6.95 Nodes of Yesod, Odin Computer Graphics Ltd, £9.95 Fairlight 2, Softek International Ltd, £9.95 Dynamite Dan, Mirrorsoft, £6.95 Impossible Mission, US Gold, £7.95 Tas-Diary The Electronic Diary, Tasman Software, £9.90 Gyroscope, Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, £7.95 Tau Ceti, CRL Group PLC, £9.95 Casino Royale, Oxford Computer Publishing, £5.95 dk'tronics Spectrum peripherals, dk'tronics Ltd Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, Activision Software, £7.99 Elite, Firebird Software, £14.95 The secret of St Bride's, Audiogenic Software Ltd, £6.95 Rasputin, Firebird Software, £7.95 Winter Games, US Gold, £9.95 Booty, Firebird Software, £1.99 A View to a Kill, Domark Ltd, £10.99 The Writer, Softek International Ltd, £14.95 Gladiator, Domark Ltd, £9.95 BC's Quest for tires, Software Projects Ltd, £7.95 Video Pool, Oxford Computer Publishing, £5.95 I.C.U.P.S., Thor Computer Software, £8.95 Rock 'n' Wrestle, Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, £8.95 Soul of a Robot, Mastertronic Ltd (UK), £1.99 Mikie, Imagine Software Ltd, £7.95 Robin of The Wood, Odin Computer Graphics Ltd, £9.95 Lode Runner, Software Projects Ltd, £9.95 RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART II, Ocean Software Ltd, £7.95 Jet Set Willy 2 The final frontier, Software Projects Ltd, £6.95 3 Weeks in Paradise, Mikro Gen, £10.95 Tasword 128 The Word Processor, Tasman Software, £19.95 Robin of Sherlock, Silversoft Ltd, £7.95 The Artist, Softek International Ltd, £14.95 Dr Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum, Mirrorsoft, £8.95 Yie Ar Kung Fu, Ocean Software Ltd, £9.95 Marsport, Gargoyle Games, £9.95 The Arc of Yesod, Thor Computer Software, £9.95 Ball Blazer, Activision Software, £7.99 Front Page

Flipping the leaflet over right to left yields:

The Never Ending Story, Ocean Software Ltd, £9.95 Winter Sports, Electric Dreams, £9.95 Fornax, Gargoyle Games, £9.95 Knight-Tyme, Mastertronic Ltd (UK), £2.99 WHAM! The music box, Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, £9.95 Spectrum Doodler, FE Electronics Ltd, £29.90 SpecDrum, Cheetah Marketing Ltd, £29.95 Lord of the Rings, Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd, £15.95 Transformers, Ocean Software Ltd, £7.95 Datel Interfaces, Datel Daley Thompson's Supertest 128, Ocean Software Ltd, £9.95 LASER Compiler, Oasis Software, £9.95 Enigma Force, Beyond Software, £9.95 Rescue on Fractalus, Activision Software, £7.99 I, of the mask, Electric Dreams, £9.95 International Match Day, Ocean Software Ltd, £9.95 Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, Audiogenic Software Ltd, £9.95 Turbo joystick interface, Ram Electronics (FLeet) Ltd, £18.50 Sweevo's Whirled!, Gargoyle Games, £9.95 Red Moon, Level 9 Computing, £6.95 Cheetah Peripherals, Cheetah Marketing Ltd Return to Eden, Level 9 Computing, £9.95 Frankie goes to Hollywood, Ocean Software Ltd, £9.95 Nidd Valley Joystick interfaces, Nidd Valley Micro Products Ltd Art Studio 2, Rainbird Software, £24.95 Technician Ted, Hewson Consultants Limited, £7.95 Single port joystick interface, Ram Electronics (FLeet) Ltd, £9.95 Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show, CRL Group PLC, £9.95 Southern Belle, Hewson Consultants Limited, £7.95 Magus Z80 Assembler / Monitor / Analyser, Oasis Software, £19.95 Confrontation, Lothlorien, £9.95 AMX Mouse, Advanced Memory Systems Limited, £69.95 Kempston Centronics 'E' Interface, Kempston, £39.95 Waterloo, Lothlorien, £9.95 Astroclone, Hewson Consultants Limited, £7.95 Riddler's Den, Electric Dreams, £7.95 The Nexus Mission, Nexus Productions Ltd, £9.95 Laser BASIC, Oasis Software, £14.95 Hacker, Activision Software, £7.99 Icon Graphix, Audiogenic Software Ltd, £9.95 Formula 1, CRL Group PLC, £7.95 Slomo Program Speed Controller, Nidd Valley Micro Products Ltd, £14.95 Desert Rats, CCS, £9.95 Lightwriter and Sound Sampler, Datel Spectrum keypad, Sinclair Research Ltd, £19.95 The Secrect Diary of Adrian Mole, Mosiac Publishing Ltd, £9.95 Arnhem, CCS, £8.95 Kempston joystick interfaces, Kempston