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Retail Demonstration Cassette

To promote the enhanced features of the Spectrum 128, Sinclair Research Ltd released a demonstration cassette for use at retail outlets to highlight the machine's capabilities. The program includes screens describing the Spectrum 128's sound capabilities, its menu system, RAM disk functionality, tape loader, tape tester and 128 BASIC editor features. The program makes use of the extra memory in the Spectrum 128 and hence takes approximately 11 minutes to load. The demonstration program was written by Domark Ltd.

Spectrum 128 Demo Cassette Back Spectrum 128 Demo Cassette Spine Spectrum 128 Demo Cassette Front

The inlay of the Spectrum 128 Retail Demonstration Cassette is shown below. The reverse of the inlay is blank.

Spectrum 128 Demo Cassette Inlay

The cassette label is identical on both sides.

Spectrum 128 Demo Cassette Label

The Spectrum 128 retail demonstration program is available below for download in both TZX and Z80 format. A selection of screen shots and an animation of the screens from the program can be viewed by clicking here.

Click here to download the demonstration program in TZX format.
Click here to download the demonstration program in Z80 format.