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ZX Spectrum 128 Leaflet

The ZX Spectrum 128 leaflet consists of a single A3 sheet. It is folded into two A4 pages yielding 4 sides of printed information. The leaflet describes the features of the Spectrum 128 and the two free Ocean Ltd games included with every machine - The Never Ending Story and Daley Thompson's Supertest 128 - both of which are included in the ZX Spectrum 128 Software and Peripherals leaflet and on the ZX Spectrum 128 Retail Demonstration Cassette.

The front and back pages of the leaflet are shown below:

View ZX Spectrum 128 Leaflet Page 4
View ZX Spectrum 128 Leaflet Page 1

Flipping the leaflet over right to left yields the middle two pages:

View ZX Spectrum 128 Leaflet Page 2
View ZX Spectrum 128 Leaflet Page 3

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