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Fairlight 2

Publisher: Softek International Ltd
Price: £9.95

The Edge presents: Fairlight 2 -
The Trail of Darkness. At last, the
follow-up to Fairlight 1, which
was voted one of the 10 best ever
games for the Spectrum last
In this follow up to Fairlight 1: A
Prelude Isvar continues his quest
in the land of Fairlight. Fairlight 2
features an enhanced version of
our 'Worldmaker' technique
which gives stunning 3D action
and 'real world' detail. You won't
believe your eyes!
Also available:  Fairlight 1 £9.95
Fairlight 2
Fairlight 2
Softek International Ltd
12/13 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 8LH
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This title is featured on the ZX Spectrum 128 Retail Demonstration Cassette.

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