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Dr Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum

Publisher: Mirrorsoft
Price: £8.95

HELP . . . URGENT . . . TOP
Worldwide newsflashes all carry
the same story - the brains of the
world's youth are being sucked
dry by apparently innocuous pop
music concealing subliminal
mind-destroying sound waves.
Intelligence reports indicate that
the blasphemous Doctor Blitzen is
holed up in a mysterious group of
uncharted islands. Dan must battle
his way through 200 screens of
larva-filled labyrinths, shark-
infested lagoons, deadly snake-
pits, and voodoo temples. Will you
shrink from the invincible Cyborg
warriors or tremble at the mutant
mega beings? Only time will tell!
Dan's back in
Dr Blitzen and the
Islands of Arcanum
Dr Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum
Purnell Book Centre
Nr Bristol
BS18 5LQ
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