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Rock 'n' Wrestle

Publisher: Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd
Price: £8.95

The first truly 3-dimensional
combat-sports simulation game.
Dynamic graphics, state-of-the-
art animation, 1 and 2 player
mode, brilliant gameplay, 10
different opponents and
sensational rock sound track
specially written for the game.
Rock'n'Wrestle features more
joystick moves than you imagined
possible - over 25 - including the
atomic drop, aeroplane spin,
piledriver, body slam, back
breaker, arm twist, elbow drop,
and turnbuckle fly.
Rock'n'Wrestle - the challenge
begins here!
Rock' n
Rock 'n' Wrestle
Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd
Castle Yard House
Castle Yard
Richmond TW10 6TF
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