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The Arc of Yesod

Publisher: Thor Computer Software
Price: £8.95

The colourful sequel to Nodes of
Yesod, the 'Arc' retains the
bouncy style and humour in a
bright, elaborate setting with an
all-new cast of monsters which
must somehow be overcome.
Charlie finds himself facing some
new, surprising challenges in this,
his second animated adventure.
Somersaulting from ledge to
platform, making his way through
the evil, life-sapping nasties. Our
courageous, cuddly hero must find
a lethal battle computer and
destroy it before the Earth is taken
by the denizens of the planet
Ariat. There is no time to lose.
The Arc
of Yesod
The Arc of Yesod
Thor Computer Software
The Podium
Steers House
Canning Place
Liverpool L1 8HN
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