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Robin of The Wood

Publisher: Odin Computer Graphics Ltd
Price: £9.95

Based on the legend of Robin
Hood, here is a game of unusual
and lasting appeal - an arcade
adventure set in England's heroic
past, fraught with danger and
dark powers.
Liberating gold from the evil
bishop for redistribution to the
poor, Robin gains strength and
better weapons. Norman soldiers
pursue our gallant hero through
forest and castle intent upon his
capture and death, while the
wicked sheriff lurks hidden ready
to pounce, and the witches of the
forest exchange favours for
magical plants. Despite these
dangers, Robin must dare all to
regain the Silver Arrow.
Robin of
The Wood
Robin of The Wood
Odin Computer Graphics Ltd
The Podium
Steers House
Canning Place
Liverpool L1 8HN
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