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Publisher: Lothlorien
Price: £9.95

You are Napoleon at Waterloo in
this superb, all-graphic, one-
player wargame - with six
'intelligent' corps commanders
who will either help or confuse
you, and a demanding computer
opponent to give you a
challenging fight.
Waterloo has been 'designed with
a care rarely encountered in
computer wargaming', it has
'excellent' presentation, the
graphics have 'beautiful scrolling'
and it is 'a classic game for a classic
subject'. Thus read the review in
the December 1985 issue of
CRASH magazine, who awarded
Waterloo 95% Value for Money
and an overall 92% assessment.
Don't miss the train - catch
Waterloo on your 128.
56A Park Lane
Cheshire SK12 1RE
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