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Publisher: Lothlorien
Price: £9.95

Confrontation, the classic two-
player wargame creator, is now
combined with more than 8
ready-to-play scenarios and has
been enhanced for the Spectrum
128. Confrontation covers
armoured, infantry, and aircraft
combat in World War II and
modern settings.
Previously available for the 48K
Spectrum as three separate
products requiring each scenario
to be loaded separately, this new
version of Confrontation is only
available for the Spectrum 128
and allows all the necessary data
to be loaded at once, while still
leaving the full facilities for
creating and saving your own
battles. Completely repackaged,
the scenarios include World War II
and modern conflicts in
Arghanistan, Angola, and Sinai.
56A Park Lane
Cheshire SK12 1RE
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