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Southern Belle

Publisher: Hewson Consultants Limited
Price: £7.95

Southern Belle is the authentic
locomotive simulator based on a
1930's King Arthur class
locomotive on the London to
Brighton run. Designed by
railway expert Bob Hillyer and
written by the well-known
simulator Mike Male.
Realism and entertainment are the
joint aims of Southern Belle, which
features detailed moving graphics
with hidden line removal to
reproduce the railway's many
famous landmarks including
Battersea Power Station and the
castellated portal of Clayton
Tunnel. Well over 100
combinations of journey type,
control level and schedule are
available - plus a variety of tricky
situations for those tackling the
'Problem Run'.
Southern Belle
Hewson Consultants Limited
Hewson House
56b Milton Trading Estate
Oxon OX14 4RX
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