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Technician Ted

Publisher: Hewson Consultants Limited
Price: £7.95

A specially-extended version of
the Spectrum arcade hit, now with
100 screens and over 50 sprites.
Carefully tuned for maximum
playability, ultra smooth graphics
and exact collision detection.
Technician Ted is an enthusiastic
young computer hacker who
bounces to work at the local
microprocessor factory every day
at 8.30 am. Anxious to please, he
knows he must complete all his
daily tasks by clocking-off time or
incur the wrath of the Big Boss.
But his fiendish boss hasn't told
him what the tasks are or where
they are located.
Technician Ted
Hewson Consultants Limited
Hewson House
56b Milton Trading Estate
Oxon OX14 4RX
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